Shingle Colors

Shingle Colors

Getting a roof replaced doesn’t sound like a fun project. However, consider how your house is going to look once you have a brand new roof on your house.  It can really transform the look and curb appeal of your property.  Take into account the selection process for picking out what color shingles you might go for.  With so many options for colors and textures, a well chosen shingle can make a house look like it’s worth a lot more.  The manufacturers of architectural asphalt shingles create some incredible color options these days, with a variance of tones even within the shingles themselves.   If it might seem overwhelming at first, you should try to follow a few simple guidelines when picking out which color roof shingle will match your existing siding and trim.

When in doubt, pick a darker roof shingle color than your siding color.

If you have a warmer color siding such as beige, tan, oatmeal, or sand color, you should opt for a warmer color roof, such as a browns, reds, or dark greys that have warm undertones.  Many homes with a sand color siding and brown roof can also look very sharp with a brown trim.

If your siding is white, picking a shade of grey or blue for your roof is an excellent choice.

If your house is covered in a darker siding, such as dark grey or dark blue, you can either go darker such as a black or very dark slate color roofing shingle, or go for a complimentary opposite such as a very light grey.

A personal favorite color combination is a denim color blue siding with black trim and a dark grey roof. This looks really sharp.

The best part about getting a new roof, is not only how good it will look, but also you don’t have to get it cleaned for awhile.  Once your roof has aged 5-8 years, and if you live in a moist environment, or near trees and forests, you should invest in a roof moss removal service. This will tremendously elongate the life of your roof.

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