Taking Care Of Your Dirt Bike

Taking Care Of Your Dirt Bike

If you become a beginner dirtbiker or have just recently taken up the sport of motorcross, and you’ve bought your first dirtbike, congratulations.  It’s an exciting feeling to ride it on the weekends and show off the new tricks you’ve learned to your friends. Some simple maintenance and preventative care is going to keep your dirtbike working for you long-term and protect the investment you made.

Doing things like keeping up with your routine oil changes will keep your bike on the trails and making sure it’s operating at peak performance. Also, sometimes you won’t even know something is wrong with the bike and by bringing it in for routine care you could prevent a bigger problem blowing up down the road.

Here are some of the main guidelines to follow for having a long life on your bike;


– Make sure all the cables lubricated, make sure you’ve greased all bearings, wheels, steering. the swingarm and any other areas.

– By riding the bike a lot, naturally some of the things that have been screwed together will become a little loose, so make sure you tighten and adjust everything that screws in and use the torque wrench where applicable. Check those spokes as well.

– Make sure that you’re cleaning your bike religiously.  Obviously, at the end of the days ride you want to make sure that you’re washing it down, but it’s important to go little further.  There are things that tend to harden over time like plastic and rubber. But cleaning them regularly will prevent them from wearing down too quickly. When you wash your dirtbike you’re going to need some pressure to get rid of some of that mud cake on the parts before it dries and hardens. Using a pressure washer would be a good investment and pay off in the long term. You could use a hose but you won’t get nearly enough pressure to clean them properly. Usually to start you want to knock off any excess big clumps of dirt with a mallet.  If you try to scrape mind off when it’s already dry it could damage the plastic.

– Make sure you clean your chain with a wire brush to remove most of the grease.

– Also make sure you clean the air box, dust seals, boots and anything rubber or plastic.

Of course you also want to make sure you’re replacing anything that needs to be replaced during the regular maintenance time schedule. Preventing your pistons for failing for example will help you prevent engine damage.  Doing replacements can be something that is usually a little above normal maintenance and if you feel it’s too above your capabilities, go online and find somebody. A quick search online for dirtbike repair near me usually will turn up a qualified pro in your area who could help you with replacements in any engine tune-up’s.

Regular care and maintenance will keep you enjoying your bike for many memorable rides!